Monday, April 20, 2009

Libeling our times.

Our ignorance of history makes us libel our own times. People have always been like this. -- Gustave Flaubert


Grant Jaffarian said...

Yo Andio, this comment is actually for the "religion as rationalization" subsequent entry but the comment link didn't work. In addition to there being certain transendent facts: God exists or doesn't etc... would this not also imply that there is also a specific "nature" of God. In otherwords, if God exists, then he also exists in His nature and not the formulation of postulants emotional frame of reference. That is to say that a pursuit of God becomes, inevitably, a pursuit of closeness with God and that God is who God is. This would suggest that one's religion is at first an emotional connection and later a personal evolution - not just a byproduct of emotional connection but also a progression, a personal growing towards cosmic transcendent spiritual reality. So therefore it really behooves us to ward off emotional unhealthiness that might confuse us from pursuing the true God and endanger our being molded into communion with His true nature.

ungtss said...

Hey man! Great to hear from you. Anna +I are at the hospital delivering and she's taking a nap right now. I agree with you 100% -- the argument i'm making is that your view of theology (god wishing us to seek intimacy with him) might reflect your desire to achieve intimacy with the sublime ... A worthy goal! But someone who lacks that desire, or even wants to escape the sublime ... Would not easily accept what you believe God wants for us. In other words the opinion is determined less by logic and more by desire. What do you think?