Saturday, April 11, 2009

hiv/aids 3

More little tidbits:

British Concorde study in 1994 found that AZT (the AIDS drug) did not prevent AIDS, and increased mortality 25%.

Numerous studies show that the only long-term survivors of HIV do not use illegal drugs, and do not take HIV-inhibitors.

HIV-inhibitors do not attack HIV -- they attack cellular function, since the cell is entirely responsible for replication of HIV. Specifically, they inhibit DNA replication. A drug that attacks cellular function does two things -- one, it damages the body and its immune system, leading to increased cases of AIDS (suppressed immune system type). Two, it increases lifespan after AIDS has been acquired, because it acts as an antibiotic on other infections. End result: you go from healthy to miserable, and stay there for a long time.


sadunkal said...

It's an interesting subject isn't it this HIV/AIDS controversy... :)

It gets even more interesting once you start to learn about people's personal stories: Esti, interview with Maria Papagiannidou St - Pierre Breidenbach

But these stories are scientifically a little irrelevant in the end, they still teach you a few things about life though...

sadunkal said...

I don't know why the links got all tangled up, it wasn't like that before I clicked "publish". They're still independently clickable, so no big deal I hope.

ungtss said...

Totally fascinating! I was sick last week, so I did little else but study this stuff:).

ungtss said...

Thanks for cluing me into the topic!