Saturday, May 17, 2008

Expanding Earth?

Stumbled across an interesting idea today (no better way to start off your wedding day than with a little "pseudoscience," I guess!) -- the idea that the Earth is expanding. Saw some very convincing graphics showing four very interesting things:

1) Asia, America, and Antarctica fit together perfectly, if the Earth is 40% smaller than it is today.

2) America, Europe and Africa do not fit together perfectly today, unless the Earth is 40% smaller than it is today.

3) In fact, all continents fit together perfectly, if we assume a 40% decrease in the Earth's size. In such a scenario, there are no oceans. Just shallow seas. Like the ones we see in the geologic record.

4) The plate surrounding Antarctica has a zone of expansion surrounding it, without any subduction to suck up the extra "ocean crust."

I find this idea to be very interesting. Seems much more reasonable than the alternative, where we're expected to believe that the continents slid around, bouncing against each other, with billions of tons of rock sliding under other rock. And try as I might, I can't find any mainstreamer who can explain what motive force makes these continents move around so much, nor show me large-scale areas of subduction ...

Those are two big holes that are filled by an expanding Earth. Plus the shapes of the continents, which only fit on a smaller radius ...

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Light Storm said...

I honestly can't believe no one has commented on this blog, after reading your discussion with Eric, I was beside myself in awe of your creativity, insight and appreciation for the growing earth hypothesis. Be it true or not, I to find it fascinating and can't believe so many people dismiss it as pseudo science without really giving it a fair chance.

During the start of the 1900's Roberto Mantovani published his work on earth expansion and continental drift. He was really one of the originals to say that all the continents of the earth fit together near perfectly, on a much smaller globe. He was also one of the first to say that it was volcanic activity, which broke the land up into smaller continents. He talked about giant rip zones like the ones we are starting to witness happening out in the African Desert today! It might also be an interesting point to make that there is no subduction driving this rift... only spreading.

Interesting bit of history, Alfred Wegener published his work years later and it's was exactly the same as Mantovani's publication, only it didn't include earth expansion as a means to a mechanism for continental drift.

I've been reading reports on the Mud Volcano disaster/phenomenon in Indonesia, if enough mud is coming out of the ground to fill 50 Olympic swimming pools a day, and no sight of it slowing down or stopping, the idea that our oceans have been increasing from mantle out-gassing becomes pretty undeniable for me.

I've been apart on an on going growing earth conversation for years. The people taking part in it include Engineers, Astronomers, Physicists and some Geologists, not to mention multiple other savvy fans of plate tectonics.

I was hoping I could beseech you Ungtss in joining in on that conversation and help me convince some skeptics to understanding the point of view of possibility!